Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Arg< T >This is a template class derived from Argument
ArgumentClass Argument
DAQpp::ConditionClass Condition
DAQpp::DAQidClass DAQid
DAQpp::DAQmanagerClass DAQmanager
DAQpp::DAQmanager::DAQinternalClass DAQinternal
DAQpp::DAQmanager::DAQthreadStores the thread id
DAQpp::DAQmanager::RunAcquireUnary function to loop on RunManager objects
DAQpp::DAQmanager::RunConditionInternal condition
DAQpp::DAQmanager::RunManagerSetClass RunManagerSet
DAQpp::DAQObjectClass DAQObject
DAQpp::DAQTriggerClass DAQTrigger
DAQpp::EventClass Event
DAQpp::ExceptionClass Exception

This is the base class for the DAQ++ exceptions

DAQpp::FIFO::DataConditionCondition flagging data availavility
DAQpp::FileIOManagerClass FileIOManager
DAQpp::FileIOManager::IOthreadThread to spy the file size
DAQpp::GTimerClass GTimer
DAQpp::IOhandlerClass IOhandler

This class is a sort of wrap-around the sigaction call to set a handler on a given signal

DAQpp::ModuleClass Module
DAQpp::MonitorClass Monitor
DAQpp::MutexClass Mutex This class encapsulates a pthread Mutex
ObserverClass Observer
DAQpp::Par< T >Class Par<T>
DAQpp::ParameterClass Parameter
DAQpp::ParameterCollection< C >This class is a collection of ParameterObservers that also handles the creation of those objects
DAQpp::ParameterExceptionThis is the base of the exceptions thrown when a problem with a parameter is found
DAQpp::ParameterHolderClass ParameterHolder
DAQpp::ParameterNonExistentClass ParameterNonExistent
DAQpp::ParameterObserver< T, C >This class is a sort of bridge between a parameter Observer and your class having the Parameter
DAQpp::ParameterTypeDoesNotMatchClass ParameterTypeDoesNotMatch
DAQpp::ProgressClass Progress
progressClass progress
DAQpp::Progress::PrgThreadClass to for the thread of the show method
DAQpp::RunCommandClass RunCommand
DAQpp::RunManagerClass RunManager
DAQpp::RunManager::ModuleAcquireStruct ModuleAcquire
DAQpp::RunStateClass RunState
DAQpp::RunState::executeActionThis is a unary function that will be executed on every RunAction after update
DAQpp::RunStateActionClass RunStateAction
DAQpp::SemaphoreClass Semaphore
DAQpp::ThreadClass Thread

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