DAQpp::DAQid Class Reference

class DAQid. More...

#include <DAQid.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DAQid (std::string const &s)
 Constructor from a string.
 DAQid (const char *s)
 Constructor form a char pointer.
 DAQid (int v)
 Constructor from an integer.
 DAQid (short v)
 constructor from a short
 DAQid (unsigned long v)
 constructor from an unsigned long
 DAQid (unsigned int)
 constructor from un unsigned int
 DAQid (unsigned short v)
 constructor from an unsigned short
 DAQid (const DAQid &id)
 Copy constructor.
DAQidoperator= (const DAQid &id)
 assignment operator
std::string const & str () const
 retreives ID as a string
std::string const & operator() () const
 const version
 operator int () const
 conversion operator
 operator unsigned int () const
 convertsion operator
 operator unsigned long () const
 conversion operator
 operator unsigned short () const
 conversion operator
 operator const char * () const
 conversion operator
 operator std::string () const
 conversion operator

Private Member Functions

void _cpy (const DAQid &id)
 used internally to implement assignment and copy operators.

Private Attributes

std::string _str
 internal buffer to store the identifier

Detailed Description

class DAQid.

This class implements the way DAQ++ identifies DAQ objects. The ID is stored as a string, and this class provides a number of ways to retrieve the ID is different formats.

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