DAQpp::Progress Class Reference
[miscelaneous utilities]

class Progress. More...

#include <Progress.h>

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Public Types

enum  information {
  show_nothing = 0x000, show_status = 0x001, timing = 0x0f0, show_time = 0x010,
  show_average = 0x020, show_left = 0x040, memory = 0xf00, show_memory = 0x100
 Information to be show. More...

Public Member Functions

 Progress (double a=0., double b=0., int opt=show_status|show_average)
 Progress (const Progress &p)
 Copy constructor.
virtual ~Progress ()
void start ()
 Starts monitoring.
void stop ()
 Stops monitoring.
virtual void show ()
 Defines the way the activity is shown.
void update (double x)
 Updates the current value.
void reset (double a, double b)
 Redefines the range.
double Vmin () const
 returns the lower limit of the range
double Vmax () const
 returns the upper limit of the range
double Value () const
 returns the current value
double Percent () const
 returns the percentage of the progress made so far
void timer_start ()
 starts the timer
void timer_stop ()
 stops the timer
void timer_reset ()
 resets the timer
double time () const
 returns the time elapsed
double mem () const
void set_update (unsigned long t)
 sets the update time
void set_options (unsigned int o)
 sets flags
std::string str () const
 returns a string representation of Progress that depends on the values of flags
void update ()
 Updates some values.

Static Public Member Functions

static void * _loop (void *)

Private Member Functions

int read_file () const
 Reads the /proc file corresponding to this process and gets the relevant information.

Private Attributes

unsigned int flg
 flag indicating what to show
double vmin
 lower limit of the range
double vmax
 maximum value of the range
double value
 current value
unsigned long usec
 frequency of of update of the progress display
PrgThread thread
 Instance of PrgThread.
bool ss
 flag set internally to true if the Progress monitor is running
double last_value
 internal variables
double last_update
 internal variables
const char * proc_file
 Other utilities Monitoring process memory.
float mm0
struct timeval _start
 for timing
bool active
 Says if th eprogress instance is active.

Static Private Attributes

static int page_k_shift = 0


class  PrgThread
 Class to for the thread of the show method. More...

Detailed Description

class Progress.

This class is used to show the progress of a given activity. It is a generic class and the way the progress is shown depends on how the show method is implemented.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Information to be show.

show_nothing  Show nothing.
show_status  Shows progress.
show_time  Shows total time elapsed.
show_average  Shows average time from one update to the next.
show_left  Shows time left for completion.
show_memory  Shows memory used by the process.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Progress::Progress ( double  a = 0.,
double  b = 0.,
int  opt = show_status | show_average 


a lower limit of range
b upper limit of range
opt says waht to show. It is an OR of options in information

References reset().

Member Function Documentation

void Progress::show (  )  [virtual]

Defines the way the activity is shown.

This method is the responsible of showing the progress. It has to be implemented.

References flg, show_nothing, str(), and update().

Referenced by DAQpp::Progress::PrgThread::run().

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