DAQpp::Event Class Reference
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class Event. More...

#include <Monitor.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Event (int s, const char *d)
 Event (const Event &e)
Eventoperator= (const Event &e)
 Asignment operator.
 ~Event ()
int size () const
 Returns the size of the data.
const char * data () const
 A pointr to the data buffer.
void * operator new (size_t)
 new is overloaded
void operator delete (void *)
 overloaded new operator

Private Member Functions

void cpy (const Event &e)
 used internally to implement copy, construction and assignment
void free_data ()

Private Attributes

int _size
 size of the buffer
char * _data
 pointer to the buffer

Static Private Attributes

static std::allocator< Eventevent_allocator
 The event allocator.
static std::allocator< char > data_allocator
 The data allocator.

Detailed Description

class Event.

The event class is just a buffer where the data of a given event can be stored. It is in fact the class that Monitor will use to build the buffer of event that can be used to monitor the run.

Carlos Lacasta

Member Function Documentation

void DAQpp::Event::operator delete ( void *  anEvent  )  [inline]

overloaded new operator

delete is overloaded

References event_allocator.

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