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class Par<T>. More...

#include <Parameter.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Par ()
 Default Constructor.
 Par (const T &v)
 Another constructor.
 Par (const Par &v)
 Copy constructor.
Paroperator= (const Par &v)
 Asignment operator.
 ~Par ()
void set_value (const T &x, bool notify=false)
 Sets the value.
T const & operator() () const
 Returns the value as const.
T & operator() ()
 Returns the value.
const T & get_value () const
 Another way of getting the value.
T & get_value ()
 Yet another way of getting the value.

Private Attributes

 A value.

Detailed Description

template<class T>
class DAQpp::Par< T >

class Par<T>.

This is a template class derived from Parameter. It is used to define parameters inside a Module.

It derives from Observable and it will notify to any Observer of any change on the parameter.

Carlos Lacasta

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