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class DAQObject. More...

#include <DAQObject.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DAQObject (const DAQid &id)
DAQid const & get_id () const
 Returns the id.
RunStateGetStatus ()
 Returns the RunState associated.
const RunStateGetStatus () const
 Returns the RunState associated.
void add_par (const char *pnam, Parameter *par, const DAQid *id=0)
 Adds a parameter.
virtual bool get_monitor_data (int &size, char **data)
 Gets data for monitoring.
virtual void reset_monitor_data ()
 Resets monitoring data.

Private Attributes

DAQid _id
 DAQObject identifier.
RunState status
 RunState associated with the RunManager.

Detailed Description

class DAQObject.

This is a DAQObject. It provides the minimum interface for a DAQ++ object. That is:

Can mantain a collection of Parameter objects (derives from ParameterHolder

Other DAQ++ objects (RunManager and Module) will derive from it.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DAQpp::DAQObject::DAQObject ( const DAQid id  )  [inline]


Makes an instance of a DAQobject with a given id.

Member Function Documentation

void DAQpp::DAQObject::add_par ( const char *  pnam,
Parameter par,
const DAQid id = 0 
) [inline, virtual]

Adds a parameter.

This method overrides the ParamHolder::add_par method. It just gives the name of the DAQObject to the parameter

Reimplemented from DAQpp::ParameterHolder.

References _id, and DAQpp::ParameterHolder::add_par().

virtual bool DAQpp::DAQObject::get_monitor_data ( int &  size,
char **  data 
) [inline, virtual]

Gets data for monitoring.

It can be used to retrive any kind of data needed to monitor the acquisition.

size returns the size of the data block
data a pointer to a char pointer to the data
true is data is available, false otherwise

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